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Patentability Search Service – Novelty & Prior Art Search Specialists

Why use patentability search services?

Our patentability search service (also referred to as a novelty or prior art search service) is a core offering from Patent Seekers.

We provide professional patentability search services to patent attorneys, inventors, startups and entrepreneurs among others. The service provides a robust, thorough and methodical prior art search carried out by experts within a client defined time frame and budget.

A prior art search service needs a systematic consistent approach. The focus for a patentability search is to determine novelty and an inventive step. In order to be novel and inventive, a claimed invention cannot have been disclosed before the priority date of that claim.

Disclosure can be present in scientific papers, technical papers, actual products, a book, a patent or patent application. This wide array of potential sources is  a lot of ground to cover and clients find that Patent Seekers pricing plans allow them to specify and control how exhaustive this process is to be.

What is a Patentability or Prior Art Search?

For a patent to be successfully granted, it must disclose a new invention. A patentability search (also known as a novelty or pre-filing search) aims to uncover documents in the patent and non-patent literature that are similar or identical to the proposed invention and may prevent your patent application from being granted.

These searches are conducted once an invention for a product has been developed, but before applying for your patent. It is run without date and territory limits (i.e. coverage is worldwide) and covers both patent and non-patent literature in order to ascertain whether the proposed novel and inventive details of the product have been disclosed in the public domain. The results can also help with drafting the patent application and ensure minimal delays in the examination process.

Patentability Search – Costs & Quotes

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Design Novelty Search

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