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Patent Landscape of Sports-Related Concussion

Liang Wang (MSc in Environmental and Energy Engineering from Sheffield University), Senior IP Manager at Patent Seekers showcases a ‘Patent Landscape of Sports-Related Concussion’ in the latest issue of The Global IP Matrix to tie in with this year’s World Intellectual Property Day campaign – Reach for Gold –taking a closer look inside the world of intellectual property sports.

 “Since 2000 the number of patent filings appears to start to rise in 2010, with a big surge occurring from 2013 onwards; this may be attributed to the beginning of awareness of concussions in sports. The apparent dip in filings in 2017/2018 is most likely explained by applications that have yet to be published and would be claiming those years as a priority. It could be anticipated that the number of concussion- related patent filings will continue to increase in the coming years as to how to prevent sports related- concussion has become a huge topic globally. There have been numerous efforts for prevention and mitigation of sports-related concussion, including the use of protective equipment, improved sports regulations and legislation, concussion education and improved monitoring of concussion.

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International Women’s Day

On International Women’s Day we asked one of our clients Gemma Jensen, inventor of the J-Pillow travel pillow and British Invention of the Year Winner, what she would recommend to budding inventors.

“I have been using Patent Seekers for eight years now and feel my non-disclosed inventions are in safe hands!”

Gemma, who in a previous career was a Flight Attendant for Virgin Atlantic, invented the J-Pillow travel pillow after a particularly fraught long-haul flight with her children. Recognising that there was an opportunity to create a pillow that provided a supportive frame and help alleviate the dreaded head drop, she started making a prototype at home. The rest as they say is history!




Intellectual Property USA Roadshow

Patent Seekers will be sponsoring the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys USA Roadshows in April 2019. The topic is Intellectual Property Beyond Brexit.

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Intellectual Property Beyond Brexit


Patent Seekers is proud to announce the opening of our new office in Toronto today. Patent Seekers Research Inc. will be better placed to serve our clients in North America. For more information check out our video and contact us at