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IPAudit and Management Effectiveness Review

Optimising and monetizing intangible assets.

Intangible assets and intellectual property are becoming ever more important in today’s economy. Every company in a technology space needs to take their IP issues seriously or risk being left behind by their competitors. Whether you manage your IP alone or in conjunction with your legal counsel, the IP Audit Assist will determine the effectiveness of your company’s IP management and make recommendations for improvements if any are needed.


  • Companies with intangible asset portfolios that do not provide significant returns  
  • Companies with limited time and resources to optimize their IP portfolio’s performance 
  • IP owners that want to reduce unnecessary expenditure of capital and seize new IP-based opportunities
  • In-house IP counsel for clear insights into the linkage of IP creation and IP deployment
  • Companies that want to better manage their intangible assets and deployment methods  
  • Companies looking to identify cost savings, process improvements and long-term monetization

Most companies would benefit from undertaking an IP Audit and Management Effectiveness Review. However, we appreciate it is a complex issue, and so with this in mind we’ve put together a short survey to focus in on your current approach. The survey will take approx. 5 minutes and will allow us to identify if there are opportunities for change and improvement going forward.

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An IP Audit and Effectiveness Review establishes a baseline for any company that wants to understand the current state and potential upsides in managing its IP portfolios in a more strategic manner. A focus on the return on investment (ROI) of the portfolios will provide a realistic base for expectations and management going forward. The Review addresses issues such as:  

  • Is IP treated as a strategic asset for the company? 
  • Does the company recognize and nurture innovation? 
  • Does the company actively deploy its intangible assets? 
  • Is there an accurate IP inventory management process in place? 
  • Do the portfolios provide a suitable return on your IP investments? 
  • Does the company track its competitive IP landscapes adequately? 
  • Areas for improvement in the deployment and ROI of the company’s intangible assets. 

IPAudit Assist and Management Effectiveness Review


The IPAudit and Effectiveness Review takes approximately two months to complete. It requires the participation of people in the company involved in the development and deployment of its IP portfolios. All work is conducted under the strictest conditions of confidentiality. 



The IPAudit Assist and Management Effectiveness Review gives the company a snapshot of its current IP management effectiveness and provides recommendations for improved intangible asset deployment, if any are needed. A final report will highlight intangible asset strengths and weaknesses, identify areas of process improvement throughout IP lifespans, suggest short-term actions to improve the return on the portfolios, and provide options for additional monetization. 

Pricing depends on the scope and complexity of the IP Audit Assist and Management Effectiveness Review. 

The graph shows Qualcomm’s revenue and operating profit from their component and licensing businesses. As the right-hand bars show, licensing has a much larger operating profit than component sales. This is a common situation in companies with well-managed IP portfolios.

Any company with an IP asset portfolio that might perform better should consider IP Audit Assist. 


IPAudit Assist WHY USE US 

Patent Seekers have been providing expert IP search and analysis services to companies globally for over 15 years. For our IP Audit Assist service, we’ve partnered with Paul Kallmes, an independent technology professional with a long career in strategic IP development and deployment. Paul brings his extensive expertize and networks to the Patent Seekers portfolio of services.  

For further details on our IPAudit Assist service, Patentability, Freedom to Operate (FTO), Patent Busting, State of the Art, Patent Landscape and Mapping searches please feel free to reach out to us on our contact form or email NA@patentseekers.com.  

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