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Exhibiting at the CIPA Life Sciences Conference 2021

Patent Seekers were exhibiting at the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys (CIPA) Life Sciences Conference 2021 this week. Held at The Crick Institute in London we were grateful for the opportunity to meet up in person. As well as discussing our patent, trade mark and design search services we took the opportunity to showcase PatWorld.


PatWorld is a business intelligence software and searchable patent database. It allows you to rapidly gather, filter, view and analyse worldwide patent information. It has been created to not only meet the needs of professional searchers, but also to be user friendly to enable users of all searching abilities to gain a valuable insight into the world of patents.

As we were attending the CIPA event we concentrated on how PatWorld can be a useful tool for Patent Attorneys. They can access a wide range of tools within the PatWorld database, including a Chart Dashboard allowing detailed analysis of company and attorney firm patent filings for multiple territories. The database also includes an easy to use patent search platform to run searches, generate reports, extract data and set up alerts.

Why is PatWorld beneficial for Patent Attorneys?

As a Patent Attorney you may want to:

  • Identify key clients for particular Attorneys
  • Monitor Legal Representation Evolution
  • Set up Patent Alerts/Monitoring
  • Discover Patent Attorneys Active for particular technologies and territories
  • Find patent attorneys to collaborate with
  • Discover companies Active for particular territories/countries
  • Discover companies active in a technology area
  • Extract patent data and create reports

If you missed the opportunity to talk to us Monday, check out the PatWorld website for further information or drop us an email and ask for a Demo or Free Trial. For further details on our IP search services check out our services page or email 

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