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Why should I carry out a State of the Art Search?

The State-of-the-Art (SOA) search, also known as a Collection Search should be considered at the research stage, and provides a collection of results derived from a broad trawl through the patent or design literature. This search is helpful in understanding how others have overcome a particular technical problem, as well as indicating avenues that could be advanced on, and those that may be dead-ends. Thus, helping to avoid the problem of wasting funds on research (e.g. reinventing the wheel), allowing research to be applied in those areas that could prove most productive.
Search results are often separated into technology categories for easy review.

Our State of the Art search offers a more technical overview of the inventions, allowing you to see the detail within the chosen patents or designs.  In addition to a patent search, you should also consider a Patent Landscape Mapping search which is more of a business tool, providing visual tools and statistics on the technical area and the activities of competitor patent filings, to decide where to focus research and development.

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