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Global Capital Summit Takes Place Online This Week

The Global Capital Summit takes place as an online interactive event this week.Global Capital Summit takes place online March 2022

Joining them for 2 days of interactive workshops is our Head of Business Development for North America Christian Hartmann. He will join the discussion with some of the most influential leaders at the intersection of innovation, capital and entrepreneurship.

Investors are taking risks on entrepreneurs like never before and high growth companies are emerging. Find out what’s driving these massive changes and learn how to get involved. Engage in meaningful conversations to enable new possibilities.


Patent Seekers recently launched an innovative analysis designed to help entrepreneurs and investors make key product, market and investment decisions.

StartPoint© is the latest ground-breaking advancement in market research and competitive intelligence using the power of patent data and market analysis.

StartPoint© is an affordable solution to help guide you through your innovation journey, provide you with a competitive edge and importantly help make your invention more attractive to investment.

Christian and a team of researchers designed StartPoint© with Entrepreneurs and Investors in mind. Please feel free to contact Christian if you would like to learn more.

Christian Hartmann
Christian Hartmann – Head of Business Development

Christian Hartmann is the Head of Business Development for North America. He regularly advises clients on the use of Intellectual Property search and analysis to support their innovation journey.

Further details on the Global Capital Summit can be found here.

Do you understand IP?

Do you understand IP? For some start-up companies and inventors Intellectual Property (IP) can be an unknown commodity. Having a basic understanding can help to inform business decisions and ensure you are able to support your innovation going forward. This could include approaching the relevant experts including intellectual property researchers such as Patent Seekers and/or patent, design or trademark attorneys for guidance as needed*.

With this in mind we were recently asked if there were any questions that newcomers to IP often ask. There are many, and so we asked Sue Leslie also relatively new to both IP and Patent Seekers, to develop an article answering some of these questions, including:

  • Should I keep my invention secret?
  • What is a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)?
  • Can I carry out my own prior art search?

Developed from a newcomers’ perspective we hope it answers many of the questions people new to IP may face.

Do you understand IP? You can read the full article in the latest addition of The Global IP Matrix.

For further information on Patent Seekers services including patent, design and trademark searching please check out our Services page.

* For legal advice we recomend you speak to an attorney. Please see our Directory of Patent Attorneys for details of attorneys in your area.

Sue Leslie works as part of our Marketing and Business Development team, based in the UK but supporting development worldwide. Why not reach out on LinkedIn and grow your connections?

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