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We’ve been in the Intellectual Property (IP) industry longer than most, starting out as a UK patent search company, we’ve grown to become international with offices in the UK and North America. For over 18 years, our patent research teams have provided the knowledge and expertise for Patentability, Freedom To Operate (FTO), Patent Busting and, State of the Art searches. Need help in deciding which search you need? Check out our article on selecting the correct patent search!

We know that quality and experience are essential to providing a reputable search service. Patent Seekers is an affiliate member of the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys among other IP industry affiliate bodies.

Patent Seekers provide a flexible service that can be customised to the way you work, your exact research outcomes and your budgetary requirements. Our clients include patent, design and trade mark attorneys, corporate IP departments, entrepreneurs and inventors. Each use our services in different ways to maximise savings on time and money without compromising on quality.

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International coverage using the latest global patent data

For those interested in a worldwide patent search we use patent databases covering all major territories including United States (US), WO (PCT), European (EP), United Kingdom (GB), Germany (DE), France (FR), Canada (CA), China (CN), Japan (JP), South Korea (KR), Singapore (SG), Australia (AU), etc.

All patent data sources are updated on a weekly basis so you can be sure your international patent research will always be powered by the latest data.

New Green Technology Inventions Discount

A 10% discount to help inventors and companies in this field carry out research to be able to apply for patents and launch their products into the marketplace.

Design, trade mark & technical literature search

In addition to patent searches, we undertake design, trade mark, technical literature and general internet searches. Our search reports have been developed over time and support our clients with their intellectual property needs.

How much does a professional IP search cost?

Patent Seekers offer IP search and analysis services at a variety of levels of detail.

We use a fixed and bespoke fee structure that reflects typical IP research and analysis scenarios and helps you control the cost of searches. Check out our IP search costs here

Carry out your own patent search using PatWorld – The Patent Intelligence Platform

PatWorld is a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform that allows you to easily identify and analyse your competitors and their patented inventions.  It is designed to provide patent search/analysis, AI smart searching, project sharing, easy report generation and chart dashboard tools for Business and Competitive Intelligence, Patent Research Solutions and Patent Attorney Insights.


Examples of charts available in PatWorld

The database includes full text on all major territories such as US, WO, EP, GB, DE, FR, CA, etc plus full text English for China (CN), Taiwan (TW), Japan (JP), South Korea (KR) and Russia (RU) patents.  The chart dashboard provides bar charts, pie charts, world patent maps, bubble charts and heat maps, allowing analysis of company/inventor filings, technology areas and patent attorney activity. Check PatWorld out today

Click image below and find out why PatWorld should be your patent search tool of choice.


Search and analysis services:

Can I patent my invention? How should I draft the patent application? Patentability / Novelty searches also known as Prior Art searches help answer these types of questions. It is typically conducted before an inventor or business files a patent application, primarily to check if the invention is new and inventive.

If a full prior art search feels too expensive or unwarranted for where you are in development, Patent Seekers also offer  ‘toe in the water’ packages that provides two or more hours of patent analyst time to quickly understand the situation.

Whether you choose a full prior art search or a toe in the water fixed price service, the end result will be a better understanding of the patentability situation or direction your patent application should take.


  • Higher patent grant rates
  • Lower patent prosecution fees
  • More accurate IDS (Information Disclosure Statement) filings

Find out more about Patentability / Prior Art Search

Can I manufacture, import, export or sell products in a specific market? Should I build, buy or license? These are the type of strategic pre-launch decisions a Freedom To Operate search (FTO) also known as an Infringement or Clearance search helps answer. A well structured patent FTO search is often the first step. Patent Seekers conduct these on behalf of patent attorneys, individuals and companies.


  • Peace of mind around “build, buy or license” decisions
  • Favorable litigation outcomes
  • Reduced portfolio scrutiny by third parties

Find out more about FTO Search service and information

Accused of patent infringement?

Patent Busting searches (also known as Invalidity or Validity searches) are an important step in ascertaining a defence or understanding whether your attackers have a legitimate case. Many granted patents are, in fact, not valid.  Patent Seekers has access to the most comprehensive patent and non-patent data available in order to determine if a patent can be broken.

Conversely, the research can also point out ways in which you can attack market incumbents by testing the strength of your own patent.

Find out more about Patent Strength Analysis Research

State of the Art searches identify art in a given field of technology using  comprehensive research, not only of patents but also specific non-patent literature by our sector specialists. It helps Research & Development (R&D) teams and IP Teams make informed strategic decisions about how to develop a product by identifying how others have tried to solve the same type of engineering or scientific problem. It helps R&D teams avoid “reinventing the wheel” allowing them to determine the best route to a new product.

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This search allows you to keep track of your competitors’ applications. This can be carried out on a regular basis customised to your requirements.

Find out more about our Patent Monitoring Service

If you would like to find out if a product on sale is protected by a patent or design, this search will help to identify who may have filed a patent or design on it.

Find out more about our Company Investigation service

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