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New Green Technology Inventions Discount

New Green Technology Inventions Discount from Patent Seekers

In order to show Patent Seekers’ commitment to combating climate change we are launching a new ‘Green’ initiative today. The initiative will aim to help inventors and companies in this field carry out research to be able to apply for patents and launch their products into the marketplace.

This will take the form of a Green Technology 10% Discount.  Any inventor or company can request this discount. It applies to any of our services from “Prior to Filing” searches to “Freedom To Operate” and yearly access to our patent search database “PatWorld” to carry out their own research.


Contact us for more information. or for North America.

Climate Change Part 2 – Automotive IP – Driving Towards a Greener Future

It has become apparent that the automotive industry will play a major role in future efforts against global warming.  In this report, Filip Silvestre and Nathanael Ashworth. Patent Analysts at Patent Seekers, explore how innovation is driving the motor industry towards a green future.  They’ll also uncover the key players shaping the patent landscape.

Climate Change – Automotive IP – Driving Towards A Greener Future

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