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Climate Change & Gender Diversity

In the latest episode of the Women’s IP World’s podcast Clare Gibson Senior Analyst at Patent Seekers discusses her article on Climate Change & Gender Diversity.


You can read the full article here 

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Clare Gibson is a Senior Patent Analyst working for Patent Seekers and has a keen interest in climate change, empowering minorities, along with diversity, inclusion, and equality. On a technology level Clare’s passions are Femtech, optics, semi-conductors, and electronic instrumentation. She regularly publishes articles both in print and online (look out for her latest on Femtech in the next issue of the Women’s IP World) and has developed an expertise in patent search and analysis across multiple disciplines.

Working on the Physics and Mechanical team Clare undertakes Patentability/Novelty, Clearance/FTO requests, Invalidity, Mapping, State of the Art, and Monitoring cases for companies worldwide. With her interest in climate change Clare is regularly involved in searches around Green Technology including but not limited to electric vehicle batteries, solar panels, wind farms and offshore wind/water power stations.

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