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IP Service World in Munich is this week and we’re attending!

Patent Seekers are exhibiting at the IP Service World in Munich this week. We love meeting up with people face to face and having the opportunity to discuss how our services benefit companies worldwide.  If you’re attending the IP Service World Conference pop by Stand 59 and ask Timothy Parry about patent busting, freedom to operate and prior art searches and request a free quote*.

For over 17 years, our patent research teams have provided the knowledge and expertize for Patentability, Freedom to Operate (FTO), Patent Busting, State of the Art, Patent Landscape and Mapping searches.

Patent Seekers:

• Have over 2300 clients globally.
• Provide global coverage using multiple databases, including subject specific databases.
• Reports are comprehensive and designed to save you time.
• Work with clients on fees.

*Most quotes are returned with 24 hours and we can work with you if you have a tight timescale. All enquiries are treated as strictly confidential and our Non Disclosure Agreement is available on request.

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