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Researching Patents in the Cannabis Industry

Researching patents in the cannabis industry.  Are you looking to discover areas ripe for innovation in the cannabis industry?

As the cannabis industry continues to develop, what can your business learn to capitalize on this growing industry? Join Patent Seekers and ktMINE as we explore Intellectual Property and related transactions to shed light on future opportunities. Patent Seekers will be researching patents in the cannabis industry and ktMINE will be exploring financial and related transactions. We will both be discussing what can be gleaned from the data uncovered, and offer insights as to how it can be used to inform business decisions.

Register NOW to attend. There are just a few spaces left for this insightful webinar.

Dates available are:
Jun 15, 8:00 am CT (2pm UK) –
June 16, 12:00 pm CT (6pm UK) –


If you missed out on our event and the opportunity to look at how patent and related data can be employed to inform your business decisions, check out our services page. There you will find information on the different patent searches available for each stage of your business growth. Need help to decide which search is most appropriate for your business development stage? Email us for advice 

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